The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) recently updated its warning list, which includes FX Premium and six other unregulated foreign exchange and binary options brokers. According to CySEC, these brokers and their websites are not authorized to provide investment services.

FX Premium is a clone company that illegally uses the registration information of a regular broker (JFD Broker) and claims to be regulated by a number of authorities, including CySEC, the UK FCA and BaFin in Germany.

The company's website shows that its address is the same as that of the official licensing company Gifford. The screenshots are as follows:


( screenshot of FX Premium website)


(CySEC official website screenshot) (the website is currently not open properly)

BinaryTradeOption is a binary options broker that also claims to hold a CySEC license. As we all know, this is impossible because ESMA last year banned binary options trading across the EU. (the site is currently inaccessible) (the site is currently unavailable)

Pari FX Trade is a forex broker that claims to be regulated by CySEC, the US NFA and FSC.

xx247smartfx是Game Capital Ads Limited的商标,该公司显然通过多个网站实施一系列欺诈计划,其中大多数网站非常相似。以下是与欺诈公司相关的一些公司:CapitalFXclub,ProCapitalFX,FirstFXClub,SmartBTCfx,SmartProFX。


据称TQRTrade和247btcclub由一家名为Eternity Capital Management Ltd.的塞浦路斯公司经营,但他们的网站类似于247smartfx网站,因此这三家公司可能由同一个诈骗者经营。

CySE提醒投资者在与任何投资公司打交道之前要非常谨慎,并仔细检查他们是否获得官方许可。 CySEC授权的外汇经纪商必须遵守一套规则,为客户资金的安全提供重要保障。